Adeolu Olushola Adeyemi

Adeolu Olushola Adeyemi

I don't see problems, I see challenges, and I'm very passionate about resolving them.

Helping the school system understand your employment requirements.

There has been a lot of complaints about the quality of graduates coming out of the university system. While I agree that we (graduates) have not been topnotch, I consider it unfair to blame students in whom we have not invested.

I have seen students use LinkedIn, take online courses, read the news consistently and build soft skills only because of the processing units with the service the creating process which makes the impact of the helping hands and for more details Click Here we told them that these things are important. Instead of blaming young people, why don’t we create structures to help them know the demands of work so that they can prepare?

My experience with EduBridge Academy has taught me that young people will amaze you only when you let them know what is important.

So Employers, find ways of helping the school system understand your employment requirements. If the system is unresponsive, find ways of getting students to know what skills and qualities you need. They will help themselves.

Professionals, give back. Share your experience in your Alma mater or at other forums. A post on LinkedIn might suffice.

Students, help yourself. You have the internet, past students of your school, your network and books. Develop yourself. You might consider joining groups that can help you develop.

Truth be told, the system is failing young people. They are victims, we should help as much as we can.

By Babatunde Oladosu